Jumat, 22 April 2011

How To Choose a Wedding Dress

Choose a Wedding Dress

1. Note the location.
"If you want to find a wedding dress, note its location, whether outdoor or indoor. If outdoor, the choice would be a simple fashion, the tail is long and her dress does not bloom.Generally, outdoor wedding concept of mingling, so the bride will be a lot mingle with guests to greet, mingle, and many moves. Meanwhile, if an indoor wedding, can be more flexible, never mind if you want to search for the bride's dress is greater. "

From that location can be seen also what applications can be fitted. For example, for an outdoor wedding that close to the water, like ocean or pool, can add applications that are colored light blue, or to locations in the park, can select additional applications greenish. As for the indoor, naturally adapted to the color theme decor.

2. Note the shape of the body.
Of course the selection of universal rules of fashion, such as highlighting the advantages and minimize the shortcomings of the body still in effect on the selection of international fashion.

"Primarily, the bride in choosing a wedding dress to look pretty and sexy. So, they choose the body part they want to highlight. Usually between the chest or waist. There, too me a lot of play applications, so that attention toward it, baseball perhaps, is not it, people noticed the tail of the bride dress? "he explained.

Not only must accommodate the shape and size of a large body of high-skinny or short-body, but the wedding dress had to be watching the size of the body of the groom. "For example, the bride has a little body, do not wear clothing type mermaid (mermaid), because he could see 'sink'. Especially if their partner was much higher. It's better he choose the type of semi-ballgown ballgown or to cover the bottom body, in it, she can wear heels to try to cover up shortcomings that, "said Yohannes.

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