Kamis, 14 April 2011

Latest Wedding Dress

Fashion Trends 2011Welcome Fashion Trends and Welcome Prospective Bride 2011.One of the important moments that you will live this year is to get married. Marriage is a sacred moment that is identical to something that is sexy, unique, elegance, simplicity, elegant, exotic, sensual, etc.

Wedding dress designers have worked hard to create a beautiful wedding dress style for those who are going to be a bride this year. Set to debut in a few months, resulting in that fashion for 2011 wedding dress, decorated with details of many dimensions, many handstitched crystals, and large flower appliques.

For the last few seasons, ruffles has become one of the largest and the designers have chosen to increase the volume and visual interest to their dress. Wedding dress set to debut soon move away from the trend ruffle, but not from the idea of ​​using ornaments to add volume and femininity. Instead of ruffles, look for dresses with hundreds of small three-dimensional flowers sewn all over them. Soft petals are a favorite decoration for romantic dresses for 2011. cluster is too large flower 'corsage' is another big trend, and they are mainly used as an accent at the waist or shoulder.

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