Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

Choosing a Wedding Dress III

3 weeks
When the final fitting, do not forget to invite your friends to help in the completion on the day of H. If there are still things that prop up the customer service said that as long as it helps you. Make sure that all messages that you have prepared before arriving at decision.

Prepare the early schedule for washing your clothes before and after the wedding day. Look for dry cleaning is used to wash your wedding dress. Do not let the clothes that you have purchased destroyed just because of leaching. Do not get hired there also clothes damaged by negligence. Prepare and make sure everything well.

two days before wedding
Time to try to dress one last time, this time fitting done at home, so do not hesitate to get around the house while wearing your wedding dress. As I imagine the sacred altar, make sure you remember how to walk, stand and spin. It can reduce your awkwardness when walking in the aisle.

Upon reaching the awaited day, while you prepare the makeup, open the cover on your wedding dress and aerated, avoid foods or anything that smelled of pierced for the wedding dress fresh when you use.

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