Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress to suit your body shape and skin color is not as difficult as imagined. To become queen one day in a special event like a wedding is the dream of all women.

At the beginning it feels a burden, with various options available, the number of colors that can be customized as well with the theme of the party, or even you are one who wants to follow the trend. To avoid confusion, here is the exact schedule for the selection of dress went well before D-day, so as to reduce the burden on your mind:

12 months

If you have determine the date and the wedding day and prepare the dress a minimum of twelve months before the big day arrives. Why? Because not all the dresses that your message or borrow is always going to follow your body shape. This allows vendors you have chosen to measure again when the dress will be ready for use.

Buying or renting the same, everything can be measured from a predetermined budget together and your needs over the dress. Prepare the theme of what would be used on the wedding day. After that, it's time to choose the type of dress and color that can harmonize with the theme. Consult with a married friend or family for best results and do not hesitate to consult the experts.

11-8 months
Once you determine a vendor that will be used to organize a special day appointments and dress fittings you have selected. Usually the vendor provides the flexibility for potential brides in the selection of dresses. Customer service from bridal usually been trained in adjusting body shape, color and detail dress is best for display on your happy day.

Research on every dress that you try. Customize with accessories also owned. Suppose you already have shoes that match the first dress or necklace that fits when worn with the dress second. No harm in trying to mix and match with various types of dresses available, but still have to adjust to your body size. Once again ask the opinion of the spouse, or your close relatives. Choose at least 3-4 dresses that can be your reference and compare the advantages and drawbacks.

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