Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Bridal dress and Global Warming

Bridal dress and Global Warming-It turned out a wedding dress are affected by global warming or global warming. Especially in a country that has four seasons in which the wedding gown for the bride and groom concern.

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One that is affected by global warming is a wedding dress. Apparently at some wedding celebration activities in several countries have been thinking about how to choose wedding dress according to the heat and humidity increased and the weather is becoming increasingly difficult to predict. Even the trend is not a major consideration.

A designer wedding dress, Nina Duong, said that his customers often consider the heat and humidity factor when choosing a wedding dress for their special day.

In addition, often the bride and groom to purchase two wedding dress for their wedding. Wedding dress was first used during the wedding ceremony and at the photocall. While wedding dresses are both used at the reception. Clothes that both are usually not too fancy but still menajga beauty in marriage, but the comfort factor when worn become a major factor.

In connection with the heating factor and high humidity, Nina Duong recommend choosing a wedding dress with a material that is able to avoid the release of keringat.Bahan that match the wedding dress is a silk or satin.

What about in Indonesia with the relatively hot weather overall, perhaps a wedding dress with the material's worth a shot. Or maybe create a wedding dress made ​​in the country that offers very comfortable to use in any weather.