Jumat, 29 April 2011

Design of the Bridal Chamber

Design of the Bridal Chamber-This time the bridal chamber design is very simple yet luxurious and romantic.
Minimalist decor today is being favored by young couples. In addition to not 'complicated' also looks more modern and elegant. Not needed a lot of knick-knacks in a minimalist design, but must be precise in choosing the color theme. For example, white color theme that fits with a minimalist design and of course in accordance with the wedding colors.

You can add an accent of one or two types of flowers to decorate the room. For example, the lily or the rose. Could put them in a vase on the bed. Small candles also can you put into decorating the bridal chamber to replace the position of interest. You can add a matching mosquito net with a bed to add a romantic impression.

Avoid the use of accent fabric to cover walls or elements in a cloth lace. Simply flowers plus mosquito net or candles placed in small glass to make room minimalist and elegant.

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