Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Wedding Ring : Ring Buying Guide

Ring Buying Guide-Wedding ring is an important element in a marriage and became a symbol of the bond of love between you and your partner. Here are the things you and your partner need to consider before choosing a symbol of your lifelong love both of these:

• Customize your wedding ring with the available budget. If your dream ring cost exceeds the budget, you could be asked for a similar design but reduced levels, weight or reduce variation diamond ring on the ring. It would be better if you select the ring below the budget that has been provided, because the remaining money can be used for other wedding needs.

• Do not borrow money to buy a wedding ring. Start your married life without debt, because debt-free can add serious in your relationship and your partner will be.

• No need to buy a wedding ring at a jewelry store, you can find a model online store or ring in the jewelry workshop.

• Perform the measurement of finger circumference, and be sure to do it in daylight. Finger at its largest size during the day and avoid measuring the circumference of the finger when the hand was cold.

• You can book a wedding ring a year or six months before your wedding. But make sure you resize the ring a week before the day of H. By the wedding day is usually the bride and groom will go on a diet, and weight loss will affect the size and ring fingers of course.

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