Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Bridal Fashions

Wedding Dress 2011-Latest Wedding Gown 2011. Wedding dress add to the beauty moment of marriage. No wonder the bridal gown has developed the idea of ​​each year. For the wedding dress trends 2011.
Wedding moments will always be remembered for two lovebirds who tie the sacred promise. Dress one of the beautifully stunning wedding elements which not only displays the beauty, but also the prestige of the bride.

Fashion trends wedding dresses
or clothes more attractive and awaited. Now, design a wedding dress is so rich. A variety of design ideas, from traditional, modern, up to blend the two appear to beautify the happy moments. Proof of this, always enriching perbendaraan wedding dress creations every year through bridal trends.

To you the bride and groom, 12 associate designer designer fashion entrepreneur Indonesia is ready to present a beautiful wedding dress options for the future trends in bridal fashion event Tendance (bft) 2011. Rows of designer names, among them deden Siswanto, eddy p chandra, ibrahim harry, harry lam, hennie Noer, jenny tedjasukmana, Irna pearl, rebecca ing, susan Zhuang, rudi Liem, cousin, malik moestaram.

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