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choose the dress according to body size

Choose The Dress According To Body Size-In choosing a wedding dress should be considered the theme / wedding decorations that have been selected. There are plenty of options to choose a wedding dress but according to theme (wedding decorations) and of course your personality self. Find the style (fashion model) and the right color to add to your confidence.

If you find a dress you like in magazines or internet sites you can bring examples of fashion design into one bridal gowns / bridal shop and try a similar model. This helps you to find the right dress according to what you like so that a beautiful wedding. Do not forget to bring headpiece and shoes to be tried along with the overall appearance of her dress to see you to-day wedding or a wedding.
Election forms for wedding dress / wedding dress is also influenced by body shape. To recognize the shape of your body there are a few tips on choosing a wedding gown as:

* Body shape "hourglass" has a balance of the head to foot. Brides who have a body shape like this can wear anything you like on the day of marriage or for wedding / a marriage.

* The body of "pear" shapes have adequate upper body is smaller than the bottom. Model appropriate dress clothes for the bride marriage body shape of this pear is a newfangled halter neck dress with tiny straps and full or semi-full ball gown. Avoid low forms of dress on the front and tight in the hips or straight dress form.

* The body of "apple"has a great body shape on the top and hip but do not have a firm waist line. Try gown / wedding dress that is more stressed piece dress hip and stay away from having a certain scoopneck and straight.

* Body shape "inverted pear". Body shape "inverted pear" body shape is the opposite of "pear" so it has a larger body shape at the top than the hips. The most appropriate choice for this body shape is a dress newfangled big dress (ball gowns ball gowns) at the bottom or skirt ball gowns for the balance of the body.

Some tips on choosing materials for your wedding dress for wedding party:

* Silk - giving the impression of expensive and elegant

* Satin - this material into a popular material for wedding dresses, memorable sheen or glossy and smooth.

* Chiffon - memorable overtime and too thin. Using this material for profit other than the wedding dress memliliki ringgan and also not hot.

* Taffeta - This material gives the impression of stiff and slippery. This material will be very suitable for brides who have a small physique.

* Tulle - This material is often used for tile and veils. This material is commonly used to dress themed "Fairytale".

Most important in choosing a wedding dress is the comfort of these materials because you will wear dress clothes all day.

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