Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

how to apply for a partner

how to apply for a partner- to apply for your beloved partner with a unique style, romantic and make the moment it is not forgotten by him? try unique ideas below:

Make a list of 10 reasons why you want to marry her. Read out the list in front of the couple and the people. Or to use the services of another person, with singing, or ask friends or other people send notes to your spouse, where one notes contain one reason and lasts for one day, and the last note had been sent by someone special, that's you.

Keep an engagement ring inside a cake or a special drink that is given to your beloved partner.

applying for your spouse as his favorite movie application in the scene. For example, his favorite movie "Pretty Women", you can rent a limo or other type of car, carrying flowers and climbing stairs.

a singer or band to sing in front of his house. Writing your cover at the curb or install the billboards will certainly make your partner touched.

Hopefully these helpful tips for applying for your spouse who is ready to "shoot"

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attayaya mengatakan...

i prefer to see your partner
i am waiting you at sekre.
c u there

DUNIA ian mengatakan...

terima kasih
saya sangat gembira memiliki komunitas blogger di pekanbaru
salam kenal
saya tunggu

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