Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Moslem Wedding Dress

Muslim Wedding Dress-After a long passage of time, between the motion changes muslim wedding dress again implicated. His figure is tall amid the storm opposition, not infrequently even drag into the political circle, but the problem could be more clearly seen when the point of view would be shifted slightly to a foothold understanding the dynamics of the process of cultural conversation. Now the conversation phase begins to enter new areas, pull-pull of the fashion world began to touch and he has a distinctive pattern of movement that is not less strong challenge, because he inspires the classic struggle between the call of faith and worldly temptations.

Dressed based on the philosophical concept of Islam has created a new demand on the world fashion. How to create a wedding dress appropriate to the required meaning, perfection in the application of a combination of the headscarf-hijab-, shoe-scarves and veils, which would become an important element in the figure of the Muslim wedding dress.

The challenge to create a Muslim wedding dress masterpiece, where the choice should be loose-fitting clothing without revealing the wearer's curves, all clothing must cover the bride's body except the palms of the hands and face. This requirement can not be compromised because it has become the guide for sure. Limitation is the primary challenge for the bridal fashion world, creating Could they form a full Muslim wedding dress. Still refer to the technological advances possible in the selection of materials and stitching techniques, still showing their models are up-to-date, a combination of various accessories, the application of various techniques of layering and drapery, the benefits of placement embroidery motifs, and so forth until the harmonization between fashion wedding men and women.
The presence of Muslim wedding dress should be able to answer the allegations of its existence as a fashion that is not attractive, old-fashioned and impractical. Creating interest in the Muslim wedding dress that makes people start thinking to try to wear them without feeling "forced". We should also uncomfortable with the parade of wedding dress that comes wrapped in light colors and pieces of clothing that "half-peek". Emphasis added only to the bride's dress, regardless of the groom dress has created an imbalance, between revolution and evolution.

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