Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Why Identical Colour White Wedding Gown

Identical wedding dress in white-Almost all brides choose to wear this color because it symbolizes purity. Then why should white? and since when the bride wore a color for her dress?

Initially, only requires that the bride and groom wedding wear formal clothes, neat, new, and expensive. But in 1840, the British Queen Victoria married wearing a white dress which eventually became the trend in the world of marriage. And in that era, the bride's identical to the expensive dress as a symbol of golden splendor.

Over time, the selection of the color white as a wedding dress to be attached to each wedding. The color white is considered to be the right color choice for the wedding. Defeating "rules" for several generations requires new bride and a beautiful gown that can be worn more than once, compared to a special dress for a wedding that can only be worn on the wedding day.

White wedding dress options in this Victorian era in theory be interpreted as a symbol of the innocence of the bride who lost her childhood the first world war. And the growing period, the white color was attached as a symbol of virginity.

Wedding dresses today are increasingly modern, not only white but also combine it with various colors. Wedding dress color selection is certainly back on the choices and beliefs of each bride.

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