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Confidential Appear Attractive at a Party

Confidential appear attractive at a party-When invited to a party, certainly looks to be one of your main concerns. you want to wear clothes complete with accessories and makeup and hair-shadows were already pictured in your mind, or maybe you include a person who is always a headache thinking about a party dress?

Confidential appear attractive at a party:

* Note the type and inviting atmosphere. You can usually obtain the information from which you received the invitation card. If still in doubt, ask the Host.
* If the dress code listed on the invitation cards, obey. Thus you will not feel any costumes.
* Confidence! Although you look okay, others pay more attention to ineptness than your clothing.

If the dress code is not listed in the invitation to the party. Wear clothes that "safe" but does not make you die according to the event style. You can choose to wear a sarong and kebaya, batik or long dresses for the wedding.

The term in the dress code:

* Formal / Official
Dress code is the same as black tie or gala dinner. Usually women can national dress, berkebaya formal or evening dress. For men, wear a full tuxedo or batik / woven long sleeve.
* Informal / Half Official
Women can wear a cocktail dress, long dress and modern kebaya. For men, wear a lounge suit, jacket and pants may be a different color, or long-sleeved batik.
* Smart Casual / Casual
This means the clothing to the informal, such as long pants from soft materials combined employer matching. Casual wear, leisure wear and resort wear are also included in this category.
* Extremely Casual
Wear it casual clothing, for example, jeans with a pretty camisole lined cardigan.

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