Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Myth Wedding Traditions

Myth Wedding Traditions-Myths and traditions of marriage will never fade with time. And sometimes there is a myth or tradition that does not make sense, but has a positive meaning. Here are some myths and traditions of marriage in the world:

• Believe it or not, would be a misfortune if the prospective bride's engagement ring to move the fingers of the other before the wedding day.

• Gift bride's first marriage is open, then that's the first gift must be used.

• The person who opened her wedding gifts in the third, believed to be fast to have a baby.

• Will give luck to the marriage, if the prospective groom to come first in a location wedding before the bride.

• In the Victorian era, was married on the same date to the date of birth prospective groom is a fortune.

• The use of veils or headscarves on the wedding day to avoid the bride from evil spirits.

• Dress bridesmaid aims to fool the evil spirits, so do not know where kaan bride.

• If the bride to help sew the wedding dress to be worn, it will bring bad luck for him.

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