Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

the Types of Bridal Veil III

Chapel Length Veil - The model is combined with the model veil dress that has a long tail. Extends over almost the entire tail dresses make the bride who use it more difficult to move freely, so that the hood model is more often used only for session session receptions and wedding photo shoot and wedding.

Semi-Cathedral Veil / Veil Cathedral - The model has a long veil that veils a model similar to Chapel Length Veil, veil difference model consists of two long strands veil that covers the way to the tail of the bride dresses. Worn only for decision poses standing and sitting for wedding photography, or activities that do not make the bride had to move because of this veil will model, causing difficulties to move freely and sanagt not recommended for use during the session reception.

Veil has added a story, mystery, and romance to every bride. Veil creates its own aura around the bride who makes exotic and sensual in a mysterious scent on the wedding day.

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