Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Variety of Wedding Flowers III


A young man uses when greeting her lover magnolia flower. This was interpreted as an expression of loyalty, love and romance. When entering the stage of marriage, the magnolia was still accompanying. He is often used in wedding ceremonies in Java, as a symbol for the bride and groom were always together until the very end. The word "magnolia" itself is always attached. This means, magnolia implies the expectation that always accompanies anywhere and anytime.

Since the days of old empire, magnolia flower has been idolized by the daughters of the palace. They are proud if their skin resemble a white magnolia flower color or pale yellow. Even now, magnolia flower is often used women as hair jewelry. Instead, use traditional cosmetics industry magnolia flowers in various beauty products.
The most distinctive of this flower is the fragrant aroma of flowers and can bloom throughout the year. The more so in the rainy season, capable of flowering magnolia flower is more productive. As the name which means gumantung ing (Javanese) or hang (in Indonesian), this interest in the young twigs and branches or hanging position on the flower stalk

Magnolia flowers can also be made as cem-ceman magnolia, the fragrance oils derived from magnolia flowers. How, to prepare some magnolia flowers, then cut into pieces as needed. Insert this snippet into sesame oil or coconut oil, with a ratio of 1 part of magnolia flower and 9 parts sesame oil or coconut oil. Enter a mix ingredients into the bottle or jar tightly closed, and then drying in the sun. If you've seemed to wilt, replacing them with magnolia flowers are still fresh. Continue drying up to 1 month. Well, cem oil-scented fragrance ceman were ready.

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