Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Variety of Wedding Flowers II


can live more than a year. In the reproductive phase, flower stalks will emerge from the tip of the plant. Flower stalk length and jointed. In each segment, there are petals are elongated and flattened shape, with sizes smaller than normal leaves. On each flower stalk attached to approximately 5-12 flowers that blossom is not the same.

Colour pure white petals, but some are reddish colored. Characteristic of interest is able to spread the delicious evening scent at night. Suppose in the living room were pleasant evening flowers in a vase, then the whole room would smell fragrant, can even penetrate into other rooms around it. Flowers usually used in savory night parties celebrations, sacred ceremonies, and so forth as a "cut flower" or "flower sow."
Freshness tasty flowers in a vase or pot the night can last about 5-7 days. After that, the flowers wilted and fragrant aroma disappears. Do not worry, we can really maintain the freshness for up to 2 weeks. The trick, cut the flower stalk at the bottom with a slanting position in order to obtain a wider field of absorption. Meanwhile, make laruran sugar concentration of 6 percent by inserting 6 grams of sugar into 100 cc of water. Enter a sugar solution into the vase to taste, then enter the flower stalk is also pleasant evening in the same vase. Easy, right?


The jasmine is still considered to have a value of "holiness" or "purity." Hence, it is often used in a variety of activities such as wedding ceremonies, religious ceremonies, and other traditional ceremonies. For example, for the event being washed up Panggih (Intersection bride), seven monthly, wetonan, the baby is born, tedak siten, and so on. Garnish jasmine is also used in the circuit Tibo bodo, bun, and pufferfish.

Familiar cultivated is "jasmine village" or "white jasmine" (Jasminum sambac). Jasmine is thought to have come from India and has a special variety called Jasminum sambac var.maid of Orleans. The flowers are single, pure white color, and an open crown. There are two kinds, namely "jasmine CVD" which has a tapered flower buds and "jasmine bed and board" with a round flower buds.

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