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Variety of Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers-Marriage is a moment that is eagerly awaited by lovers. Everything is prepared. Not to forget, the flowers were beautiful and fragrant display to welcome such a happy day.
Each pair of bride and groom will be hoping their marriage will be the most beautiful, full of festive joy. Guests came and went, enjoying a lively party atmosphere. To add to the beauty of the party, the presence of flowers seems to be mandatory. Not just in the aisle seat, the flowers are also present tatakala done spray event and even the bridal chamber. What flower is often used for weddinG


what is interesting of gladiolus that are needed for the wedding? In addition to the size of the flowers are relatively large, about 6-14 cm, gladiolus is also rich in color, from blood red, pink, orange, white, yellow, and so on.

Type gladiolus are now being nge-trend is the gladiolus Dayang Sumbi. Characteristics bright red flower color, with edges slightly curly flowers. Location of flowers on upright stems, while the number of flowers per stalk is 13 florets. Flower stalks are green, while the color of dark green leaves, with leaf number six strands.

Gladiolus plants flowering at the age of 12-14 weeks from planting. The accuracy of the harvest is marked with 1 or 2 florets (flowers) the bottom is clearly visible but not yet in bloom. Morning harvest time. Harvesting, use a sharp knife to cut the base of the flower stalk to include 2 or 3 leaves.
To note, gladiolus flowers wilt and easily damaged. Thus, it is necessary preservation. How, to prepare 5 percent solution of sucrose, 300 ppm hydroquinone, and 300 ppm citric acid. Soak the base of the flower stalks for about 6 hours. Alternatively, soak the gladiolus flower stalk to within 0.5 mm of silver thiosulfate solution for 10 minutes, and then soak in 20 percent sucrose solution for 24 hours. Once preserved, packed in polyethylene bags wrap.


Roses are often associated with accepted or ditolaknyatawaran love. Red roses from a young girl to her idol, pralambang clearly a declaration of love. So, what about the girl's response? Depending on the color of a rose in return. If the girl replied with a red rose as well, meaning he receives love from his youth, but if the return of white roses, meaning he was too young for sex. If yellow, it means the girl undecided. And if it be repaid with interest-free roses, love means the offer was rejected.

Roses have different colors, especially after the cultivated varieties of hybrid roses from Holland. Roses from the Netherlands is also presented in upper-class wedding. For example Coctail rose varieties that flower is yellow. Diplomat pink, red Idole, Laminuette white / red, peach-colored Osiana, Pareo yellow gold, red Samourai, Sonate de Meilland red-black, pink-salmon Sonia, Sonia Sweet pink-soft, colored Tineke white, pink soft-Vivaldi, white Success danYonina white, lilac Jacaranda, Golden Times is yellow, red Jaguar, Kiss pink, pink-violet laser, and Sissel beige-pink. So clearly, the presence of pride rose up in the wedding.

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