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Characters Behind the Beauty Wedding Gown

Characters Behind the Beauty Wedding Gown-Not always have to dress like a king's daughter with model and full lace bubble. But choose a wedding dress fit the character to feel comfortable.

Graceful impression was very attached to a long gown, but for women who feel less comfortable now can choose a minimalist and modern pieces.

Let's look at a model wedding dresses that are widely used by selebtiri and royal weddings.

Bohemian Vintage

Wedding dress is commonly used model of a woman who is free and a little impressed sloppy, but still chic.

Like for example, a dress that used supermodel Kate Moss. wedding dress actually looks simple and effortless with a V neck and bias cuts.

On the other hand, made ​​from chiffon dress was too luxurious and classy with embedded rocks sparkling gold sequins.

Maih there are other more interesting styles, namely the impression of staring at the legs gives the impression of some characters are sexy fit Kate Moss.


Just like Kate Moss, Princess Charlene's wedding dress also reflects the style of clothing during this time. It is not surprising because the dress was designed with five-meter favorite designer of the princess, Giorgio Armani.

Charlene dresses, realizing simple and clean look with a straight silhouette. The main attraction is placed on the shoulder, with a low neckline and the effect of fabric crosswise. Exposed parts of the shoulder was a favorite daughter Charlene.

"The idea is to create a total look of a modem, without intent or rivalisme nostalgia," said Armani was quoted as saying peopltstyle.

cocktail style

Wedding dress cut short and stylish cocktail became a big trend this year. This type of wedding dresses accentuate the beauty of feet and showed a youthful for his bride.

Simple and elegant is what is described. However, this type of wedding dress, more suited worn on a casual wedding.

Romantic ruffles

In recent years, the wedding dress ruffles berdetail become the favorite choice of designers. Ruffles add volume to your wedding dress, so it looks fluffy beautifully.

This dress is appropriate for the bride who wants to create the impression of dramatic, romantic and feminine on her wedding day.

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