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Clothing for Muslim Bride

Moslem Wedding Dress-Look pretty in a dress sophisticated and romantic in an unforgettable moment is the desire of every bride and groom. For those of you who wear Muslim clothing, it can also be realized.
If during the Muslim bride who wore Muslim clothing only wear kebaya plus hood, new alternatives are now emerging Muslim wedding dress elegant but still closed the genitalia. Irna La Perle is a boutique that specializes designing wedding gowns are Muslim. See bridal Muslim and Muslim wedding makeup.
"So far I see the makeup of veiled Muslim brides wear only the traditional kebaya and added a veil. That's the reason I make something else to accommodate this need, "said Irna Pearls, designer boutiques Irna La Perle.

Irna said that, although made ​​for Muslim brides, the dress is made more universal style. "Although according to the rules but her dress did not kearab-araban," he said. Irna claimed inspiration to create the design still comes from the growing trend in the world. "Usually I follow the color trends, styles, and variety of dressing," says designer from Bandung at the shop in the area of ​​Kemang, Jakarta. Click bridal and bridal make-up.
For color, Irna not always synonymous with wearing white wedding dresses (Muslim make-up). He also makes dresses of various colors, ranging from beige, gray, or pastel colors to suit the wishes of the bride alone. See bandung makeup and bridal makeup.
To display the impression of elegance, Irna focuses attention on the hood. Veil which serves to close the hair he has made in such a way into the limelight. "When a simple-cut dress, the veil should be somewhat extravagant. This is a feature of Muslim dress, "he said. If you want your hair decorated with flowers, Irna advised to choose the type of contemporary interest, such as the lily or white roses are large. Click the Muslim brides and bridal makeup Muslim.

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