Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

look beautiful with the latest bridal fashion

Wedding Dress 2011-The famous designer was trying to make women around the world look more beautiful this year, complementing the dress trends of 2011. Spring and summer of 2011, bringing new trends on the fashion world.

Prada presents a monkey motif and bananas, while Mary Katrantzou present interior motif. Encourage yourself to follow this trend by choosing clothes with unusual motifs such as abstract motifs or flora and fauna motifs. Redan festive motifs to choose a simple piece.

Line style this year also appear not only in monotone colors; blue and white, red and white, or black and white only. Stripes are attached to this image seamen now appear more bold and festive. You can find several colors at once in one motif.

For example: a line of yellow, blue, green and pink can be united in harmony. In order to perform perfectly, as another alternative is to choose a bag or striped accessories as well.

If in 2010, you are bombarded with muted colors, to suit the trend of 2011 "grave," all that deeply. It was time to perform more daring with bright colors, neon colors khsusnya. You could also try a hit-and color trends that are so incredible, but do not forget to pay attention to color matching. Complete the look by choosing brightly colored bags or shoes.

Dress trends of 2011
with a flower motif also appeared very beautiful. Florals emerge with a stronger design as a model berdetail bohemian ruffles or floral equivalent of two items

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