Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

Still Popular Strapless Wedding Gown

Strapless Wedding Gown-Strapless wedding dress model, equipped with transparent bolero, remain popular. Brides are choosing wedding gowns international concept still want to look feminine with an open model. Meanwhile, the use of Bolero is usually only used when the wedding procession of religious ritual.

John's Bridal collection of wedding dresses 10 demonstrates the international arena of the 16th Wedding Expo in Jakarta Convention Center on Friday (03/06/2011). Dominated international wedding dress off white color and with a piece of tank top.

"Strapless wedding dress on in Indonesia will continue to be a trend because we are a tropical climate and events in the building which is usually hot. This is what makes the bride likes to wear dresses that are open at the chest," John said when met at the Hotel Sahid Female Kompas, Jakarta , some time ago.

Strapless wedding dress out of ten, three of which use short bolero transparent. "Many customers who book bolero, typically, a special use for the blessing in church. Afterwards, the reception, boleronya will be opened," said John.

Wedding dress fashion style blend of Asia and Europe are also popular. As John's Bridal collection of wedding dresses that presents a long and expands internationally at the bottom. This dress is paired with a blazer-shaped semi-short-sleeved kimono.

European style of wedding dress is also prevalent in large headdress is placed in a slanting position. Veil covering the head that gives the impression of a classic is still popular, including head cover sized to cover the chest or up into the abdomen.

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