Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

Set Ahead of the Wedding diet

Tips Before the Wedding-At a historic day in your life then, probably nothing else that you want to think about except the success of the event. No wonder when you become less keep the food, so finally at the reception you actually look less shiny. Or perhaps, the body also become increasingly stretched.

You definitely do not want the worst happens. Therefore, you need to ensure that in addition to the preparation of the event went well, eating well is always maintained. Three things you should always remember when going to dine:

1. Avoid foods that are high sugar yield

When emotions are up and down, the desire to eat sweet things might be improved. In fact, this could also be bad for your body. To that end, Connie Gutterson, RD, author of The New Sonoma Diets, emphasizing the importance of eating foods with low glycemic index, in order to provide a positive energy supplies and stable during the day.

"These foods may also reduce the risk of inflammation," he said. So, when in the mood to snack, it's better to eat fresh fruit and store away candy or chocolate.

2. Eat good fats

Eating a healthy type of fat, such as from olive oil, meat, salmon, avocado, can provide you with adequate nutritional intake and make the skin become more radiant on D-day.

"Most of the prospective bride an unhealthy diet, so they end up with a skinny body on her marriage, but her face and her hair does not look bright," says Gutterson.

"For that, multiply the consumption of monounsaturated fats, so that in addition to the body become more healthy, the skin also becomes more moist and chewy."

3. Drink plenty of water

Still often drank alcohol before the wedding? Should stop. Likewise if you are fond of eating a calorie drinks. According to Kathy Kaehler, trainer of world-class celebrity like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian, drinks like this can only make your stomach so bloated and inflamed. He advocated for more drinking water or herbal tea, so that hydration of the body is always awake and always moist and healthy skin.