Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Luxury Diamond studded, Lady Gaga Unique Wedding Gown

Luxury Diamond studded, Lady Gaga Unique Wedding Gown-Lady Gaga is NOT a name that does not make something unique. Even for a wedding dress, she accidentally ordered an unusual fashion.

Yes, specials for the day later, Gaga wanted to perform special indeed different dresses. Therefore, he has asked Donatella Versace as the designer of the wedding dress.

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"Gaga spends millions of dollars to his marriage with Taylor Kinney. He also wants to Donatella Versace himself was the one who designed the dress, "said a source, as reported by The Sun.

However, if the wedding dress is usually white, apparently it will not apply to the Mother Monster. Judas singer was rumored to prefer to dress in black and gold are made of silk. Not only that, Gaga also requested that the wedding dress is not a hassle. So this will make it easier to move around freely.

"He thinks it's a cheap white dress and prefer black and gold with a tail that can be removed, so the zoom can be diverse," the source added.

Although not common, it still display Gaga with fashion wedding later will not miss luxury. Therefore, expensive diamonds would be gorgeous stitched ornaments full dress.

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