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Groom Dress in Semi Formal Wedding

groom dress-After explaining the article about the grip jacket groom. Here are examples of coherent padannya, who reviewed based on the elements used by the groom. Like the color jacket or tuxedo, tie, cummerband and so forth.

You can further experiment with color and texture without leaving the impression of elegance. For example combining colored gray coat streaked with fine brown shirt and purple tie.

Using a black jacket for semiformal style
, why not? Pair it with colored shirts to reduce the impression of an official. For added convenience, according to Ari from Vent Lee, select a jacket made ​​from a combination of wool and cashmere or mohair. Pair with a shirt in the colors of young and tie in one tone color with the shirt.

Tie should be plain, if the motive was select the motive "smooth" and small. Refine by pinning gold cuff.

Alternative Colours
In addition to black, dark blue can be an alternative for semiformal style. Combine with white or light blue shirt without a motive. Ties should be the same color (blue, gray or silver).

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