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Choosing a Wedding Dress Collar

Choosing a wedding dress collar fit body shape is one thing to note before you book a wedding dress. wedding dress trends seen on a collar on her dress. Well here are a variety of wedding dresses based on the shape of his collar syalifa quotes from wolipop. I hope this information is useful for those of you who want to determine the wedding dress according to your body shape.


The rope collar is usually wrapped around the neck halterneck, halterneck will be very suitable for those who have a high neck and shoulders wide enough. If you're one who was given the grace of big shoulders and chest area, please do not hesitate to wear it.

Collared halterneck gown with detail Rempel found on the neck to the waist can also make your upper body shape looks more closely follow the flow dumbbell. With flowers blooming for the second arm and sprinkled with rhinestone at the center, adding elegance wedding dress.

If you want to look more simple, dumbbell without repose decoration could be an option. Add a little hair clips and a diamond necklace to beautify your appearance.

Off The Shoulder

As the name implies collar off the shoulder to the hand is designed parallel to the shoulder, it is advisable for those who have a wide chest but with a small hand. If the two equal parts either chest or hands, is not recommended to try this collar because it will just look bigger and certainly adds width to the wearer.

Off the shoulder more often show the exact form of the hand and shoulder. But for those who want to extend the arm up to elbow with tile materials and additional embroidered beads can enhance your appearance, so it looks better to follow the form of arms.

Want to show more body shape? Collar off-the shoulder is a mainstay added a corsage on the body will further enhance the wearing body. Not only highlight the beautiful shape of your body, but also for those who glorify the simple fashion, the type of off the shoulder like this could become a mainstay for marriage in European regions.

V Neck

Model V-shaped collar is actually a form of the most flexible because it can match any dress designs are also combined with others, such as dumbbells and off the shoulder.

V neck piece that is very simple would be suitable for use when doing permberkatan or a night in a wedding dress. Dresses with A-line these pieces can also be the right choice for your sacred day. Plus a variety of ribbon embroidery flowers and tendrils in every curve of dress and sweetened again by rhinestone beads that surround the waist, your performance will increasingly attract attention.


This is the necklines of the most popular among different types of tops to dresses. Also called the model of a tank top, as the name suggests this section does not have a strap or shoulder strap connecting the front and back, especially if its function is not to show the subtlety of a beautiful bride's shoulder.

Large band located at the top of the dress, could be an option if you have a small chest and shoulders but want to wear a strapless collar. Even so, it would not hurt also to those who wore broad-shouldered gown with ribbon details.

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